Investment Management

Investment planning often seems complicated and mysterious, especially when the popular media touts the often contradictory advice and strategies of supposed experts. In actuality, while there are no guarantees of success, there are certain fundamental axioms for investing. Your portfolio should:

  • Reflect your tolerance for risk and need for liquidity and income.
  • Be well diversified across all investment classes and styles (asset allocation).
  • Be rebalanced periodically to maintain a consistent asset allocation in both up and down markets.
  • Keep expenses low.
  • Be tax efficient.

Additionally, please remember that managing your portfolio for retirement income is a very different process from the one you used during your accumulation years. Special care must be taken to provide a stable stream of income and insulation from market downturns while at the same time providing growth to offset inflation. This can be a difficult balancing act and requires specialized techniques.

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