Comprehensive Financial Planning

Frontier Financial Group, LLC provides comprehensive financial planning services to hard working people in Western New York and the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania. People just like you.

Regardless of your current level of wealth, we can make the following statement with 100% certainty: Thriving and reaching your life’s full potential requires good financial planning and healthy financial habits. You may decide to do your own financial planning or you may choose to work with an adviser who assists you.

Before going further, here are some important questions to ask yourself:

  • What value should I expect from a financial planner?
  • What value will I receive from Frontier Financial Group, LLC compared to other advisors?

The financial planning process will help you establish clear financial goals and an efficient strategy to meet them. It will bring all areas of financial life into focus and help you address all the important questions intentionally and holistically.

  • Cash Management and budgeting: Am I controlling my cash flow; saving enough money to fund my life goals and reducing debt?
  • Investment Planning: Do I have an efficient, optimally diversified portfolio that matches my tolerance for risk and supports my need for growth, liquidity and income?
  • Tax Planning: Am I being tax efficient and reaping all the tax benefits that are appropriate for my situation?
  • Retirement Planning: How much income will I need in retirement and will my current savings, investments, company retirement plan and Social Security provide what I need?
  • Risk Management: What catastrophic risks could derail my plans and what strategies can I use to best protect myself and my family?
  • Estate Planning: How do I transfer my property to the people or organizations that I care most about and do it in the most efficient manner possible?

Frontier Financial group, LLC brings cutting edge resources, technology and experience to the table to help our clients create financial security for themselves and their families. Every financial transaction involves a cost. We believe in complete transparency and will help you analyze what your current strategies are costing you in terms of fees, interest, commissions and taxes. Good planning will help you design the most efficient strategy in each area of planning. Every dollar saved is a dollar that can be put to work to help you reach your goals.