Employee Financial Health and Wellbeing Workshops

As an employer, you have made a significant investment in your workforce. You hire the best people and provide compensation and benefits to make them financially secure. Additionally you have invested in training and resources to help them excel and realize their full potential. In short, a happy, secure employee tends to be a creative and productive employee.

Unfortunately, for many employees there may be a different reality. Hardworking individuals with the best of intentions can struggle with the basics of personal financial management and suffer from unhealthy financial habits. Their lives can be stressed by excessive debt, taxes and budgeting pressures. This is not a happy, secure employee and their job performance may suffer.

There is good news however. With education and support to modify habits, every individual can get on the road to financial wellbeing. We offer employee workshops that teach proven techniques and help each participant design a personal course to financial health. In addition, our system provides them with a personal, secure web based platform containing all the necessary financial planning tools.

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Likewise, our workshops can be customized to incorporate your employee benefit options. Employees are often encouraged to increase participation in their employer’s retirement plan but rarely are they provided with hands on resources and training that helps them budget effectively, reduce debt, reduce taxes and save more, all integrated within your benefit structure.

When an individual turns their financial world around, their new found confidence, focus and optimism can have a big impact on productivity and performance. Your organization will reap the good will and economic rewards and you will experience the very profound and personal satisfaction of helping your people better reach their full potential.