Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan Solutions

In collaboration with a range of retirement industry partners, we provide the following specialized retirement and investment planning services to the trustees of qualified retirement plans sponsored by small and medium size employers.

Plan Design

We assist our clients in selecting the retirement plan design most appropriate to their unique business and employee compensation needs.

Investment selection

An open architecture investment platform provides complete freedom to choose from best in class offerings to optimize investment performance over time. Pick from hundreds of mutual funds from leading investment firms featuring low-cost and no-load options.

Fiduciary Responsibility

A qualified retirement plan requires the plan trustees to act in a fiduciary capacity on behalf of the employees. This creates liability that should be carefully managed. We assist our clients in establishing and maintaining systematic fiduciary practices to insulate them from liability.

Employee Communication and Education

We work closely with your employees in utilizing your plan effectively and in selecting an appropriate retirement investment strategy given their unique financial needs and circumstances. Our system combines an interactive technology platform with hands on retirement planning analysis and investment advice by our team of experienced financial professionals.

Employee Financial Health and Wellness Workshops

Employees are often encouraged to increase participation in their employer’s retirement plan. While this is a necessary first step, the reality for many employees is that it just isn’t possible to save for retirement without changing their financial habits. Rarely are they provided with hands on resources and training that helps them budget effectively, reduce debt, reduce taxes and save more all integrated within the structure of their 401-k, 457 or 403-b plans. We offer employee workshops that teach proven techniques and help each participant design a personal course to financial health. In addition, our system provides them with a personal, secure web based platform containing all the necessary financial planning tools.

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